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Unit 3, Prodevpark, Langenegger street, Gants Centre, Strand, 7140

ITS Solar was founded in 2006 and currently have a network of over 400 registered product installers. We do a range of solar hot water, heat pump systems and hot water storage tanks, catering for diverse sectors, including residential, commercial and industrial applications, pool heating and more. Our products’ warranties range from 5-10 years, depending on the product and maintenance plan. Our systems are designed locally by our highly skilled team of Engineers and have been designed to provide you with optimal savings. Our systems are mostly imported, but our in-house team of engineers do installation designs specifically for our climate and a portion of smaller components that we use are sourced from local producers. Customers are provided with locally produced systems on request.
Professional accreditation
- Member of Sustainable Energy Society Southern Africa
- SABS-approved products
- Was an Eskom approved supplier, under Eskom’s previous solar water heater rebate programme.
Finance is available on some of the solar water heating systems via third party intermediaries.


Testimonial 1

”Had an ITS heat pump installed and the system is working beautifully. By far one of the best investments I have made.”- Mike Van Niekerk from Tokai “I run a small B&B and after installing 3 ITS solar system onto my existing geysers, my hot water bill has been drastically reduced. Definitely recommend an ITS solar system. Fantastic, efficient service!”- Elizabeth Haynes from Durbanville