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Atlantic Seaboard, City Bowl, Southern Suburbs, Northern Suburbs, Southern Peninsula


Since it started in 2009, Renaissance Solar has provided affordable solar hot water systems. We are accredited to install some 30 different systems, so we choose the right product for each situation. Using our business model, highly competitive prices have been achieved without sacrificing quality. We ensure that all our products are SABS approved (and previously Eskom accredited) with a strong manufacturer’s warranty, and our customers know they can rely on our dedicated after sales service. This has led to Renaissance Solar becoming one of the busiest independently owned solar companies.
Professional accreditation
• Member of Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa (SESSA)
• SABS approved products
• Was an Eskom approved supplier, under Eskom’s previous solar water heater rebate programme.


Testimonial 1

“I find the services by Renaissance Solar to be excellent. Sometimes as soon as something has been done or installed at your house, the after sales services disappears into thin air. But I find your services to be very efficient and friendly, with my queries being answered promptly and I don’t have to phone or nag to get something done. I will gladly refer you to anybody without hesitation. I find a definite reduction in my electricity bill. I used to buy electricity every 2nd week, now I buy once a month. This will be our first winter, so I expect to use a bit more, but I still think it will be less than it used to be. In the summer we did not even let the timer go on at all, as the water was boiling hot every time we opened the tap.”- Elsie Grobler from Kraaifontein

Testimonial 2

“The service rendered by Renaissance Solar was very professional. They have absorbed all the hassle and the experience for us was pleasant. We decided on a date for the installation, and they informed us what to expect. And everything went smooth as planned. On the reduction in electricity bill, I might have too much to say. I have collected empirical data on daily units used since March 2011. Have this plotted the daily average per month on a graph in Excel. Please keep in mind that we increase our hot water capacity from 150 litres to 300 litres. And still we are using less electricity. Thanks again for the smooth switchover.”- Waleed Baartze from Plumstead

Testimonial 3

Renaissance Solar’s service, from quotation to installation, was prompt, friendly and very efficient. My electricity bills since using the solar system have been less than half the average amount. We are thrilled with the change over and highly recommend Renaissance Solar's services. Mandy Darling, Kenilworth