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SunScan Solar Technologies has been operating since 2008 and have one of the largest ranges of high-pressure solar water heating systems. SunScan have recently added the local I-Sun range of products to their line-up, which has just been made available to us by Future Comfort, putting us in a position to meet all the requirements for the City of Cape Town Solar Water Heater Accreditation programme. Our products are also available in other provinces through one of our Western Cape dealers and finance is available.
Professional accreditation
- Was an Eskom approved supplier, under Eskom’s previous solar water heater rebate programme.


Testimonial 1

“I would like to congratulate you and your company for the professional way you sorted out the solar heating system for our house. As you stated “if you put the right equipment and peripherals in you will not have problems” and to date a year and half later this still stand true. I have no problem recommending you to any new prospect. Thanking you once again."-John from Cape Town


Testimonial 2

“I had a solar system installed 4 years ago and have been pleasurably surprised. The impact of this solar system financially has been incredible with electricity payments for the heating of water at nil in the summer months and marginally amounts in the winter months. This can only benefit the environment. I personally feel a difference in the feeling of the water when it has been heated by the sun rays. I would definitely recommend this solar system to other people.”-Kim from Cape Town


Testimonial 3

"When we bought our house in Hout bay in 2010, we were very keen to ensure that, as part of the renovations we undertook, that our water heating was as environmentally and economically friendly as possible. We enlisted the help of Klint Munton from SunScan to assess what we had in place, and he recommended that we replace the system with a solar system that would be sufficient for a family of 4 using the bath and shower. Klint installed a 200l full evacuated tube system which seemed to make the most sense, since it doesn’t overheat the water when it is very hot and therefore, didn’t pose any risks in terms of turning on the water to find it piping hot. The system has worked every day throughout our house and has not ever given us any trouble. In fact, I have to say, we rarely think about where our hot water is coming from, as the system that SunScan put in, does all the work for us. Klint has phoned us regularly to ensure that the system is working well, has done a service on it as well when required, and overall, we believe that this system has been extremely good value and has been installed very professionally as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend SunScan to anyone for their water heating requirements." Sally