Frequently Asked Questions.


"It was good to know our service provider was accredited by the City, so we would be sure to get everything right when getting our solar water heater. Now we never run out of hot water, even with load shedding. We forgot to top up our electricity and it ran out – we still had hot water! We’re saving and it’s very noticeable in purchasing our pre-paid electricity."
- Astrid in Glencairn

"My installer was on the City’s electricity saving website, which said to me they were reliable. I chose to support the one closest to where I live, to support local business. They were very professional and helpful, nice to deal with. I thought it would be a messy, technical business – but it wasn’t. It’s a no-brainer to do it. It’s good for you, the environment, sustainable energy and for
South Africa."
- Jo-Anne in Fish Hoek

"When our geyser burst, we grabbed the opportunity to use the insurance pay-out towards getting a solar water heater. We’d been wanting to do it for a while, because like everyone we’re looking for ways to reduce our electricity costs. And I personally can’t bear thinking of all that coal being burned and the pollution and carbon emissions being generated each time we use hot water. We also chose a locally made system to support our local economy. The result has been significant savings which we’re very happy about. It’s definitely been worth the investment."
- Murray in Rosebank.

"Our solar water heater definitely met our expectations of getting hot water with lower utility bills. We’re very satisfied with the results. In summer it’s even performing well when we have visitors staying and using more water than normal. At first we had to adjust things a bit to get the timing of the electrical backup just right for how much hot water we use and when. Once we got that set up it’s been excellent. What I appreciate most about it is the lower cost on my bill every month, plus the bonus that I still get hot water when there is load-shedding. "
- Zweli in Pinelands

"My installer’s service, from quotation to installation, was prompt, friendly and very efficient. My electricity bills since using the solar system have been less than half the average amount. We are thrilled with the change over."
- Mandy in Kenilworth

"The service rendered by our installer was very professional. They absorbed all the hassle and the experience for us was pleasant. We increased our hot water capacity from 150 litres to 300 litres, and still we are using less electricity. Thanks again for the smooth switchover."
- Waleed in Plumstead

"With a solar water heater my electricity bill is now less 50%. From the installation I was worried that there would be leaks in the roof but it’s still perfect. My service provider gave prompt replies when I requested a quote and they were the closest to my home. I’m very satisfied all round and highly recommend getting a solar water heater."
- Paulette in Diep River

"The Eskom Rebate was taken off the Invoice. No waiting 12 weeks. No confusing paperwork, after 2 hours the water temperature was at 60 degrees."
- Amanda in Table View

"We did a house renovation last year and wanted to install a solar water heating system. Our service provider was spot on in service, gave a professional quotation and delivered and installed when they said they would. The whole experience of dealing with them was a pleasure. I felt I was dealing with friends. It made that part of the house renovation fun and enjoyable. The product works!"
- Colin in Harfield Village.

"My service provider was very responsive and took time to understand my house, and our family's solar needs and then making sure the water heating system they installed was the right one. They gave me a sheet of projected savings, which if anything underestimated the savings that I'm actually getting."
- Chris in Pinelands

"I had a solar water heater installed 4 years ago and have been pleasurably surprised. The impact of this system financially has been incredible and this can only benefit the environment. I would definitely recommend a solar water heater to other people."
- Kim in Cape Town

"The solar water heaters are performing beyond expectations and our electricity consumption has been decimated! All-in-all I’m very, very happy. Not a single fault with the way we have concluded the project other than that we should have done it long ago!"
- W. Pagels in Somerset West