Do you want to save?

This website is packed with ideas on how you, the resident, can save electricity and money in Cape Town!  We’ve made it easy for you to save electricity – from savings tips, to solar water heaters, to solar panels – this website has everything you need to know. 

Energy Challenges

We are all increasingly aware of resource constraints and the rising costs of keeping the lights on. The City of Cape Town understands these costs and the consequences of past and potential future load shedding on you, your family and our local economy. It affects us all.

As electricity tariffs are set to increase, we are committed to helping you save electricity where you can, improve the efficiency of your home and even generate your own electricity.

Let's Tackle This Together

The City is committed to working together with residents, businesses and other partners to minimise the impact of electricity costs and supply shortages.

Together, we can:

  • Soften the impacts of forthcoming steep tariff increases
  • Protect our local economy and jobs
  • Boost our local energy efficiency and renewable energy economy and create local jobs
  • Reduce Cape Town’s carbon footprint and build a sustainable, resilient city. 

This will help create a more affordable and secure energy future for us all.