This website provides practical tips and useful resources for all Capetonians to make smart energy choices and live more sustainably.

In support of the growing global momentum to tackle climate change, Cape Town has committed to become a “climate-resilient, resource-efficient and carbon-neutral city that enables inclusive economic development and healthy, thriving communities and ecosystems”. This vision is outlined in the City of Cape Town’s Climate Change Strategy with details on the programme of action in the Climate Change Action Plan. This vision can only be reached through significant transitions in urban form, energy sources, transportation and resource efficiency. Key elements are cleaning up our sources of electricity, making the built environment more efficient and the electrification of transport.

Accelerating this ambitious climate change action requires the support, participation and collaboration of each of us. To do this, the City is running the Let’s ACT. For a stronger Cape Town campaign to enable and support residents, communities, businesses and organisations to take action. This website provides tips, resources and information for residents to help make their homes resource efficient.

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